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This homepage contains various topics related to myself. Mostly this page is an avenue to show my endevours in my hobby of robotics.

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Brief History

I first started into robotics during my time at University. The micromouse concept was just starting to get into full swing. When time came for my final project (thesis), I chose the micromouse.

The project proved incredibly hard while working solo. However, I progressed the robot to a point of limited autonomy. There were no guidance sensors, just full motor control capabilities.

Needless to say, the robot didn't enter the competition that year, and to this day, I am unaware of the changes or successes that future students have made to the mouse.

I have since built several robots. Mainly fully autonomous ones like the stockcar, for racing in a Nascar environment, with other robots.

I won the 1997 Australian Robotics Championships, came second in the 1998 Brisbane Robotics Challenge, and won the 1999 Robot Challenge, all in the Stockcar Division.

The 2000 Brisbane Robotics Challenge was more of a demonstration, held at the Brisbane Sciencentre.

During 1999 I built up a Sumo robot as well, which is demonstrated at each competition until someone else builds a rival Sumo to compete against.