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Hornet Stockcar Robot Pictures

Some photos taken before, during and after the 1998 Robotics Challenge

Digital Camera Shots

Before Construction

Top view of chassis

Side view of chassis

Front view of chassis

Motor section of chassis

During Construction (Pre sensors)

Side view with lots of wires everywhere

Top view with the other stockcar on top

Closer top view

Closer top view

Front view

After Competition

Scanned in Camera Shots

Fully geared out side view

Top view, notice the cable sensor loom to the front of the car

Underside, two battery packs, green for CPU, black for motors

The car (monster) that won the 1998 comp

A view of the audience before the comp

Me with second place trophy

Line up of competitors on the day

Trophy winners in the sumo ring

The two champs cars, first on the left, second on the right
Last: 30Apr2000