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Sumo Mobile Robot

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The Sumo mobile robot is a fully autonomous vehicle. It is used in a scaled down version of a real Sumo ring. The object of the match is of course to get your opponent out of the ring.

For a complete set of rules for the Sumo Competition, please visit the ACS Robotics Sig.

Sumo Team

Aaron Dwyer - Integration, Design, Code
Anthony Templeton - Financier, Design, Integration, Code


The design of the Sumo is simple yet effective. The two main ingredients for this robot are the controller board, and the robot chassis.

The controller board used is a HandyBoard. These boards are great for basic robotic uses.

The robot chassis for the Sumo was kindly donated by QUT, who through Norbert Harle's generosity, we have been able to complete this project.

Several sensors were used to complete the design.

  • Several Bump sensors at front.
  • 8 Light detector resistors (LDRs) around the circumference of the robot.
  • Current feedback from motors.


    The integration of the robot chassis, controller board, and sensors was done by myself. Who in concert with Anthony and hours of effort has culminated the design into a working robot.


    Of course to compliment robot hardware you need software. The code necessary to fight with the other sumo's will not be posted here. I'm hoping that this will help and encourage other entrants. The code for this new robot is most definately secret!
    Last: 30Apr2000